Gadling points out that Germans are pretty much ignoring the smoking ban that started at the beginning of the year (Germans ignore smoking ban)

The reason for this is obvious. The government left it up to bar owners to decide the fate of smokers until July, when things get tougher. Who’s gonna say to a long time customer, “Hey, Franz, you take that butt outta your mouth or I’ll club you one!”

It was the same in our little local bar in Italy. There was a period when only smokers would be fined for lighting up. They smoked up a storm as they always had. Then big fines were levied for bar owners if a customer was caught smoking inside. The puffing stopped. In our case, it went outside into the street where it clogged major traffic, but the law is the law.

So evidently non smokers will have to wait until July for the smoke to clear in Germany. Unless there’s a revolution.

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