Tuscans Talking - It's All in the Hands

I made a video recently. It’s not a real video. I mean, the people in it don’t move or anything; it’s one of those videos that you see on the web that are just a collection of pictures tacked together with a narration providing the glue. Artistically tacked together in this case, if you catch my drift.

There are no nekid professors in my video. This is something you—I mean the collective “you”—who are clicking like persons possessed on the story about Anna Ciriani below seem to crave. I wonder why that is.

Anyway, I had these pictures from the evening after a fourth of July dinner we hosted in the Lunigiana. They seemed to speak to me of things those of us in the States don’t see much of when we’re on vacation.

People were in a good mood, talking, drinking, and finishing up the little sweets that always come out after the meal. And yes, they were using their hands, quite effectively I might add. Then some guy started to tell a story…

(There are no actors in my video. No Italians were harmed in its making. No Italians died after eating American fourth of July food. At least not right away. Just so you know.)

You can view my video if you like: It’s all in the Hands

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