What's a Week of Your Vacation Worth? 

The State of Ohio has set the value of a week’s worth of vacation at 3 million dollars US.

Of course, anyone who has studied economics 101 knows that the rarer and more desirable something is, the more it should cost. Copious data suggest that USians don’t get as much vacation time as the rest of the world, and many don’t use it anyway, so I guess this enormous number shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Ok, so what went down? A guy named Jerry Miller was responsible for a back up tape which held the data on all 64,467 state employees, 19,388 former employees and 47,245 Ohio taxpayers. The tape was pilfered from an intern’s car. Oops.

This pilferage, it is estimated, will cost the state around 3 million dollars. What it does to the identities of the people on the tape is evidently priceless.

So the responsible party was charged a week’s worth of vacation.

Tit for Tat. Or, small tat for big tit.

So I guess the message is: Take that vacation. Don’t worry about the dwindling value of the dollar. You’re giving away $3,000,000 bucks by not taking an extra week in Italy! Of course, that’s gonna be worth something like 17 Euros real soon some say, so go now.

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