Giant Mozzarella and Guiness 

There’s this trend I don’t understand. It’s toward bigness in all things.

My email is aflame with passionate pleas for me to make bigger the bulge in my pants by throwing down some pills from a shady company so that I can use my sweat socks for what they were intended—for example. This is said to be a social benefit.

Then there is the same trend in cars. Now you must buy a humongous automobile so that you can crash it into lesser automobiles while you talk on your tiny cell phone and not die.

So why are the cell phones so small?

Anyway, what I wanted to report, is that once again the folks at Sala Consilina have worked tirelessly in the pounding rain to produce the biggest and longest coil of Mozzarella cheese in the world, just like they did last year, only bigger and longer.

They twisted the cord of Mozzarella until it was 56.5 meters long, according to Life in Italy

I guess people do this for the publicity. It would be better if they just packed it up and brought it here to the US to show people what real mozzarella tasted like.

See, the green area in the hills of Campania outside of Naples is known for the patient people whose sensitive digits milk buffaloes for the basic liquid with which they craft la vera mozzarella. It’s great stuff. Sensuous on the palate with the taste of creamy goodness.

Not at all like the tasteless, plastic white hockey pucks we get here in the states labeled “mozzarella.”

Go to Campania and see for yourself. You could do worse. It’s the best region for food in Italy, trust me.

And go before next year’s giant coil of Mozzarella threatens to make the whole region look like a pizza baked by Vesuvius. You never know.

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