Mammoni Under Fire
Italy's "Big Babies" aren't contributing to the economy (but aren't "stealing jobs" either)

You’ve heard about Mammoni, right? They’re Italian men who stick with their mothers at home well past the time that most of us are fleeing the roost. You see, they have mothers who feed them well, in a way that nobody else could. And living is free in a place where housing is outrageously expensive.

You can’t beat that.

Italian politicians want to give Mammoni a tax break so they can leave home, according to Reuters.

Economy Minister Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa offered to come to the rescue with a 1,000 euro ($1,411) tax break for 20- and 30-something Italians who rent.

Now, we’re talking “drop in the bucket” here. Rents have skyrocketed in Italy as they have in the US.

“Renting an apartment 30 years ago cost a quarter of the salary of a worker,” writer Aldo Nove who has penned a book called “My Name is Roberta, I’m 40 years old and earn 250 euros a month,” told Corriere della Sera newspaper.

You know what? Rent used to be the same in the US until the filthy rich needed lots of mortgages to play casino games with. It used to be that you could only buy a house if the payments were less than a quarter of your gross income. That expanded when the sub-prime loan sharks went after the lower-income folks and rents zoomed to stay on par with home ownership, prices of which were skyrocketing because more people seemed to be able to afford them.

Now there’s no inflation (they tell us)—unless you want to rent or buy a house. Then you’re screwed. If I were growing up today, maybe I’d be a big Mammono.

“70% of 29-year-old Italian men are still living at home.” Wow.

But they’re getting great food and they can come and go as they please. Except for a certain 61-year-old son.

He’s grounded forever for complaining of his free food. Can you imagine bitching about your Italian mother’s cooking after you’ve been shoveling it in for 61 years?

He should take the 1000 Euros and run. It’ll be worth about 10,000 dollars soon. Then he can move to the US and become a celebrity Mammono.

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