John Grisham Playing for Pizza

It looks like the reviews are mixed for John Grisham’s novel of American Football in Parma, Playing for Pizza.

Many folks say there’s way too much American football in there, with all the jargon we’ve created to make it seem exciting when the commercials start playing, which is pretty much most of the time when you’re watching a game.

Then others say there’s way to much Italian food in there. Heh heh, John Grisham falls into the trap just like the rest of us, feet first into the buffalo mozzarella. How do you escape it?

“I really worried about having too much football, which my wife said, and too much food and wine, which Steve Rubin said. I’m always going back and cutting stuff out.” ~ John Grisham Lives La Dolce Vita

Well, I hope Grish cut the football more than the food. after all, what’s more important?

Order Playing for Pizza at Amazon, especially if you’re honkered down watching the 49ers’ exciting highlights, which leaves you a whole lotta time to read a book, let me tell you.

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