Fall in Italy

There’s no doubt in my mind that fall is the best time to go to Italy. “What’s not to love?” asks Divina Cucina from Florence.

Yes, there are white truffles at 3,500 Euro a kilo available, plus porcini, the wine harvest and related festivals. What are you waiting for? Go to the San Miniato Truffle Fair on weekends in November in San Miniato or any festa featuring even a hint of the white gold. Go on the best truffle hunt ever in Umbria at The Black Truffle Lodge.

Visit 6 really cool wineries while you’re at it.

Then you’ll need some ‘shrooms, so head on over to little Borgotaro for the for the Fiera del Fungo di Borgotaro in late September. We had a blast. Read all about it.

I’m not going this fall. I’m sad about that. We spent too much time this summer to be allowed to go back so soon, but next year we’ll venture into Italy for both the spring and the fall—yes, all three months of autumn. You can’t beat that with a stick skewered with porcini

Forget summer. Fall is best.

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