Borgotaro and Porcini

Wild Mushrooms? You want some. Come to Borgotaro in the fall

As we walked out the door on a fine September day we encountered Angelo yapping with the garbage man. “Il Capitano” greeted us warmly, and the foodie king of our village quickly informed us of the big porcini festival in Borgotaro, or Borgo Val di Taro, or just Borgo Taro. Yes, the call-it-what-you-will little town has been awarded the IGT designation for its mushrooms.

You can get there by train from the Lunigiana. After the train stops at Pontremoli it leaves Tuscany for the Emilia Romagna province of Parma. You don’t see much of it; the train mainly sways through long tunnels before emerging into the sunlight in the Val Taro right before the village of Borgotaro.

The town of around 8000 people is jammed with gastronomic treasures during the late September festival, including early truffles and the vaunted porcini. Borgotaro is home to what many believe are the best, il fungo di Borgotaro.

18 bars participate in bringing you the traditional food, drink, and porcini.

And that’s what we’ve come to see.

borgo taro
Borgo Taro: Porcini Festival in September
borgo taro tavola
The streets of the Borgo are alive with food
borgo taro festival
Borgo Taro: Food tasting in the Streets
And the market price of truffles? Here's what they are in Borgo Taro in September
Ovuli mushrooms
Exotic Mushrooms? Ovuli mushrooms | Funghi Ovoli
brugnoli per liquore
Making liquore? Get your infusion ingredients here

Here’s Some Food From the Trattoria Al Fondo

What? Bacon and Fries? No, that’s not right. pancetta and fried porcini caps is more like it, and boy did they go together like nobody’s business!

pancetta and fried porcini
Bacon and fries? Nope.

Plan a trip for the Fiera del Fungo di Borgotaro in late September. Really. I got me a real nice donkey salami. You don’t get that every day.

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