Fosdinovo's Medieval Festival

fosdinovo medieval festival pictureMedieval festivals are wonderful ways for the tourist to spend an evening out. If you’re like me, you’re always thinking, “geez, I love these medieval castles and stone houses huddled together on a hillock sexily. I wonder what they were like when powerful little people with big swords slaughtered their enemies mercilessly, rode horses and wore chain mail?”

If you are so inclined, why not rush out to see these cute towns animated with all manner of medieval folk: jesters, knights in chain mail, pigs on a spit, and heathens in chains?

You can see all this and eat well for a song at a medieval festival in the Lunigiana region of northern Tuscany. The one in Fosdinovo is one of the more interesting I’ve seen. There are pictures from this year, you can be sure. See our Fosdinovo Pictures

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