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Tourists seem to dream of slowly wandering the crumbly donkey trails through the terraced vineyards of the Cinque Terre, the tourist magnet of “the five lands” in the region of Liguria. But they don’t often come in March or early April. So why don’t we run the trails, or at least the nearer to vertical ones?

Running along the ancient mule tracks leads us back to the origins of the various territories, through their histories and economies. Rediscovering all of this through hard effort also has a moral value that brings us back to reality, outside of financial bubbles and technologies in which we are losing ourselves. — Sciacchetrail

Ah, the magic of the hard-working publicity folks. Sweating as modern cure-all. The Finnish sauna as re-collection plate for our abandonment of the simple life.

So they went and grafted the name of the wine most loved of the Cinque Terre visitors since antiquity onto the word “trail” and the cornerstone was set to mitigate the imbalance between agriculture and tourists.

A cultural action is needed to place agricultural production again at the forefront in the role of primary sector, transferring resources from tourism to agriculture.

In any case, on April 2nd, after some cancellations due to COVID, the race called Sciacchetrail will be run by some of the world’s epic ultra-runners slogging quickly the 47km of stairs and dirt tracks through the vineyards and up the mountains behind the villages for views you can see in the video below.

Keep up with the news of Sciacchetrail on their FaceBook page.

What’s the typical weather in late March or early April? See our Cinque Terre Weather & Climate page.

Sciacchetrail Video

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