Warning: Avoid Rural Italy in the Off Season

Bad weather, threatening clouds, low lying fog--the ugliness is overwhelming!

To tourists trying to make the most of the weak euro by avoiding the cities of Italy and instead driving around aimlessly in the countryside. Don’t do it! Skies turn black, shadows weaken your best attempt at pictures, low-lying fog blurs the details of your best landscape snaps. Come to your senses oh yee cheapskate tourist! This is not the time for you!

And now the evidence:

umbrian landscapeRural Landscape: Umbria near Fontanaro umbria countryside pictureLake and Clouds, Umbria umbria farmhouse pictureUmbrian Farmhouse montestigliano pictureUgly Shadows, Montestigliano san gimignano fog pictureLow Lying Fog: San Gimignano san gimignano stormRainstorm: San Gimignano

(This message has been presented as a public service by Wandering Italy and Just Go Italy. For more information on San Gimignano, see: San Gimignano: City of Towers.)

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