Cycling the Emilia Romagna

Got the Legs? Cycle the Emilia Romagna!

ferrara italy, ferrara bikesMention the regions that might attract the most visitors, hardly anyone mentions Emilia Romagna. It’s big, it’s got lots of industrial farming, it’s got a long and straight autostrada called the A14.

It’s also got lots of historic cities, the best food in Italy (many claim)—and it’s got bike hotels.

I first came across bike hotels when I went to Riccione for a conference. Now I’ve noticed that there is a Riccione Bike Hotels site.

Not only that, but Riccione is the start of the Giro d’Italia Stage 13 in 2024.

But we’re not done yet! The tourism people have a number of resources for cyclists.
And all the info is in English! Imagine!

So heck, why not head over to the Emilia Romagna, rent a bike, and have a blast? It’s got some fine cities you’ve probably never heard of like Brisighella and seaside Cesenatico you will want to explore, as well as big boys like Parma and Italy’s Motor City Modena.

This little post was the result of a twitter conversation with someone who actually asked me a question that didn’t fall into the category I call, “How long is a piece of string?” These include, “Is Europe reasonable?” and “How much does an Italian train ticket cost?” Believe it or not, about 85% of questions I receive are unanswerable due to extreme vagueness; I have no idea what’s “reasonable” to you, nor can I guess where the train in your mind goes. I’m extremely grateful to get questions like asking for specific information a person can provide without hyperbole (don’t ever ask for the “best” town in Italy; I won’t answer). Try things like: where can I take my bike out for a spin in Italy where it’s flat? (Puglia). Where can I see a town whose economy was once based on Gypsum? (Brisighella). Where in Italy did Leonardo da Vinci design a canal? (Cesenatico). I might not be able to answer your question, but I like looking things up if the question is reasonable. Usually a question that involves food is reasonable—and there’s a good chance I can come up with an answer.

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