Giovanna Ledda: Making Bosa Filet Lace at 92
Cultural Travel in Sardinia Reveals Immeasurable Treasures

The Sardinian city of Bosa is has some unique reasons for visiting. The town straddles Sardinia's only navigable river and is capped with a Malaspina castle. Bosa is situated on the sea, and is known for the quality of its spiny lobsters--and there is a particular kind of lace made around Bosa called Bosa Filet Lace.

Sardinia is well known for its handicrafts, like lace making, but fewer young people are taking up the task. We were lucky to find Giovanna Ledda, who began making lace at the age of 12. She was 92 in August of 2012, and still makes this lace: left-handed, and without the use of glasses.

Below is a short video of Giovanna, who was gracious enough to allow us into her place of work. Her attitude made the interview and this video a joy to produce, "I like to gossip more than to make lace!" she told us.

For more information on what distinguishes Bosa filet lace from other filet laces, see: Sardinian Bosa Filet Lace.

Travel Information: Visiting Bosa

Bosa is located in the Sardinian province of Oristano (see Sardinia Province Map), about half way between Alghero and Oristano on the coast.

You can get to Bosa by train, changing in Macomer (see Sardinia Railway Map).

For impressions and a travel guide, see: Bosa, Sardinia.

Weather and Climate

Summer is peak tourism time. It can be very hot during this period. If you'd like to go in the off season, you may wish to consult the weather and climate charts for Oristano. Our last visit happened at the end of March and we had fine, sunny weather.

Where to Stay

If you enjoy the beach, you may wish to stay in the Bosa Marina area. The area along the river is my favorite. Try the Corte Fiorita Albergo Diffuso for an interesting logding option in Bosa, or check out other hotels in Bosa. If you want to spread out, or have a family, perhaps the best bet is to rent a home or vacation apartment: Bosa Vacation Rentals0

Cultural Travel and Sardinia Crafts: Hiring a Guide

Finding artisans like Giovanna Ledda isn't easy, especially if you go on your own. We traveled with guide Paola Loi, who managed to locate Ms. Ledda by knowing where to look. With her many contacts, a guided visit to Sardinia with a skilled and resourceful guide like Ms. Loi will pay dividends.

Finding artists and artisans is a lot like fishing. You hire the best guide you can and go where she indicates you should go to find what you're looking for. Some days you might be skunked and find no fish, but the likelihood of such a disaster is lessened by hiring someone who knows where to look and who to contact.

Paola Loi--Sardinia Guide.

The Colorful City of Bosa in Sardinia

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