How to Get From Venice to Athens

This popular trip can be done by ferry, airplane, car or bus

Hot to get to Venice to Athens? Knowing the best transportation options for this popular vacation route will help make your vacation much more enjoyable.

The distance between Venice and Athens as the airplane flies is about 1258 kilometers, or 782 miles. The driving distance is 1,158 miles or 1864 km. That's over 18 hours of driving through Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, North Macedonia and finally, Greece. The ferry (which can take your car if you have one) and buses (from Igoumenista to Athens) each take around 36 hours, but you save on a hotel by sleeping on the ferry and the trip is very pleasant in calm seas. This is my favorite way to do the trip, so we'll explore that option first.

map showing rome and florence, italy

Map showing ferry route from Venice, Italy to Patras, Greece, where you can drive or take a bus to Athens.

Venice to Athens on the Ferry

If you are going island hopping in Greece, the place closest to Athens to land is Patras, where you can catch an KTEL Achaias bus to the city (2.5 hours). The button below shows your ferry options. The route is not daily, so be sure to check the dates to make sure it fits your vacation  plans. Patras, isn't a bad place to stay for a day or two. 

Venice to Greece Ferries

The price of the journey will depend on several factors, like if you are transporting a car and weather you want a seat, shared cabin or private cabin for the overnight passage--and even your age.

Other destinations you can reach from Venice on a ferry are: Pula, Porec & Rovinj (in Croatia), Corfu (in Ionian Islands) & Igoumenitsa, Greece.

Trains and Buses from Venice to Athens

The complicated way to get from Venice to Athens is the overland route, which takes you from Venice Santa Lucia station through Skopje, Thessaloniki, and on to Athens. It might be a fun adventure, but the bus and train routes have several transfers leading to a journey of over 28 hours. At time of writing there weren't any convenient, direct buses available for this route. The adventurous can do it by taking buses from town to town until they reach their destination, just like we did in the more intrepid travel days of the 1970s.

Flying from Venice to Athens

Flying between Athens and Venice will likely be your less expensive and more convenient means of transportation. Flights are plentiful and there is a range of prices, sometimes dipping below $100 US. You can check the current prices and schedules using the button below.

Venice to Athens Flights

A word about choices

There are essentually two sane ways to travel between Athans and Venice, the utility choice is via air, where your vacation ends and restarts after you reach Greece and get to your final destination. But I've taken the ferry (in cheaper times, alas) and it is a smooth transition between the two countries fundamental to the development of Europe. You can take a table with a view, a glass of wine in your hand, and know that Italy is behind you and the Ionian coast is out there in front of you beyond the mist. Slow travel is sometimes best, especially when you're enjoying the transit bits and much as being somewhere. Let's call taking the ferry the romantic choice.