La Compagnia dei Balenieri Restaurant Review

Sarzana is quite an amazing place. It’s my “ideal city”. It has medieval underpinnings, but also sports a compact, rectangular plan with streets in a grid pattern, so it’s easy to get around. Of course, we always lose places we’ve seen before but can’t seem to locate despite the order with which the town is planned, but that’s the fun of discovery.

About 20,000 people live in Sarzana. Many of them seem to be in the antique furniture restoration business. There are lots of restaurants. All of them I’ve been to are good. There are two castles. There is a lively passeggiata, the evening social walk.

What more do you need?

La Compagnia dei Balenieri

salmon pictureYou may or may not need La Compagnia dei Balenieri, but we were hungry on the one sunny day of the week suitable for searching for a new restaurant experience and we happened to choose them on the basis of the interesting menu on display outside the door. We came away quite impressed with the restaurant. The mood for seafood had taken hold of us, so we ordered the seafood appetizer assortment, expecting a plate with a whole bunch of little dabs of this and that, or many small plates as is usual, instead ending up with three substantial dishes to share: home cured salmon dusted with fennel seeds (pictured), farro salad with calamari and gamberetti, and a octopus salad with ceci that Martha raved over. All were quite well done.

We could have stopped there, actually. But no, we had to order pasta as well.

trofie seafood pasta pictureBoth pasta dishes were carefully prepared and arrived so steaming hot that it was almost impossible to photograph them from above with all the steam fogging the camera lens. I had ordered the trofie, a typical ligurian pasta shape, with shellfish and saffron (pictured). It was a great dish and the trofie were cooked exactly right, with a chewy bite to them. Martha’s pasta was sauced with Monterosso anchovies and fresh capers—not those dismal pickled things, these capers had character!

la compagnia dei balenieri sarzanaWe really liked La Compagnia dei Balenieri and will go there again. It was a little more expensive than the restaurants we usually go to, but the quality of the ingredients and the care taken to create each dish made it worth the extra few euros.

La Compagnia dei Balenieri
Tel: 0187 603537
Via Rossa 28
Sarzana (SP)

Look for the whale.

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