Where to Eat in Italy 

I’ve just been poking around a rather interesting site today called Mappa Delle Stelle. It’s a reference for looking up restaurants and hotels in whatever vicinity you’re looking for.

The odd thing is that it’s one of those sites that would be irritating as hell with the music in the background, but I like it. And it’s a great looking site, too. It’s sponsored by my favorite sparkling water, San Pellegrino.

Trouble is, now I have even more restaurants to visit on my twice yearly pilgrimage to the Lunigiana.

I first heard of Mappa Delle Stelle from the Rubber Slippers in Italy blog, which also has a great blog with pictures and video on the Palio della Rana 2007, a sorta “running of the frogs” except that they’re being carted around by guys in medieval garb instead of celebrating their jumping ability. It’s one of those Italian festivals you can’t explain to your friends without copious amounts of vino.

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