Touristic Trains in Italy

Learn about trains that are more than just transportation

Got a bit of nostalgia for some slow travel on restored steam engine driven trains? Want to eat on a tram? Well, there are a few programs for you.

Ferrovie Turistiche ItalianeFIT – operates out of the Val di Orcia and Lombardi. Watch their home page for the latest trips, often scheduled for Italian holidays and in peak tourist times in Summer. FIT operates the following trains:

Green Train Sardinia – Trenino Verde – is how to see Sardinia like D. H. Lawrence did, according to Italy Chronicles. The routes are found on the Sardinia Rail Map at Wandering Sardinia

“Torino’s Servizi Turistici GTT”: offers special dinners on trams and tourist boats. Cena in Movemento or “dinner while in motion” provides special dinners on the “Gustotram” and the “Ristocolor” as well as on the boats Valentina II e Valentino II that ply the Po river and more.

I hope this give you a little idea of some special (and legal) things you can do on trains, trams, and boats on your vacation.

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