Enzo Ferrari and his Museum in Modena

Modena. It’s the epicenter of Motor Valley, La Motor Valley in, um, Italian.

In just a few days a new museum will open at the boyhood home of Enzo Ferrari. The pictures of the museum are almost bizarre, a building covered with a sensuously curvy roof looking for all the world like the type of louvered hood you might find on a Ferrari—in Modena yellow, a vibrant canary yellow. This in the historic center of Modena, mind you.

Here’s a News Report from Motor Valley, which has a picture: The Enzo Ferrari House Museum opens.

So you can mouse yourself over to our Modena map and guide to see Enzo’s museum mapped on a google map, along with climate information, hotel recommendations and other tourism info.

The museum has its opening set for the tenth of March, 2012. I’ll try to be there. Modena is a great city, ignored by tourists. Don’t all go there the same day.

The museum has a fine website in English: Museo Cassa Enzo Ferrari

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