Lunigiana After the Storm

Today has emerged with a crystal clarity—after a distinct change in the weather doused us in rain and covered us in dark, brooding clouds for a couple of days.

Today, merchants at the Fivizzano market wore jackets. The market itself looked different. Shades over the various tables weren’t to be seen, despite the sun’s presence. Before, sun was the enemy—today it provided a soothing warmth. Fall has arrived.

But one thing is different here than in the US. Today when we arrived at the Macelleria Azieda Agraria La Valle, the new market between Rometta and Sericciolo that sells only local goods, there was a big basket of huge porcini mushrooms there to provide eye candy to all who entered. Indeed, at the market everyone was talking about the funghi and the best places to find them.

It’s that seasonality that I’m sad to lose as I contemplate returning to the states—the joy of walking into a store and seeing agretti, or puntarelle, or mushrooms the owner has foraged for. It’s always the same old stuff in Safeway; unless there’s enough to furnish all of the stores of a big chain, you’re out of luck, Bub. It’s sad, and depressing to shop in America.

But today we are happy. We are in Tuscany. The air is clear. So clear that Bastia Castle, quite a distance from us, can be seen clearly, as if only a short stroll would be required to reach it. The picture below was taken with over 400mm of telephoto lens. It’s a picture I’ve tried to take before, but the long lens compresses the junk in the air and makes for a mushy picture on most days. But not today.

bastia castle, lunigiana
Bastia castle as seen from Piano di Collecchia in the Lunigiana region of Tuscany.

See Bastia Castle from Above, on a Google Map.

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