Luminaria di Santa Croce: Lucca in a Different Light

Photographers seek out and relish a different light. Luminaria di Santa Croce on September 13th, a night in which the “Volto Santo” is paraded around Lucca along medieval streets illuminated entirely with candles, offers tourists and photographers a great chance to see a compelling city in this different light. Not only are there thousands of candles lining doors and windows, attached by workers with an amazing number of “cherry pickers” or boom lifts for such a small town, thousands of people holding candles participate in the procession, singing religious songs while winding through the streets of Lucca, watched by thousands.

I’ll let Martha write about the festival, but the pictures are pretty interesting. Here’s just one of San Michele in Foro in early evening before the procession started:

san michele in foro, luminaria picture
Luminaria di Santa Croce, San Michele in Foro Church, Lucca, Italy.

To see a video that explains the goings-on during the Luminaria in Lucca, see: Luminaria di Santa Croce in Lucca, Italy

volto santo
The Volto Santo paraded through the candlelit streets of Lucca.

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