Celebrating the Bread and Pasta of Regnano 

Every year in the Lunigiana region of Tuscany there is a sagra (food festival) celebrating pane di Regnano, or pane regnanino. The bread of little Regnano is made from grain and boiled potatoes and baked in a wood oven.

We have just finished eating at the festival, and there was another dish that stood out. It was tagliatelle Regnanina. The finished plate had all the elements of the Italian flag, like a pizza Margharita, but this dish contained the whitish tagliatelle, over which was ladled a brilliant red ragu consisting of red peppers, onions, and ground meat (in this case pork) to which a dollop of pesto was added.

It was delicious. But you could just look at the picture and tell, can’t you?

tagliatelle regnanina
Tagliatelle Regnanina, tagiatelle with a pepper ragu and pesto as they make it in Regnano in the Lunigiana.

(A young baker called Fabio Bertolucci has begun to make Marocca di Casola, a dark chestnut bread, in Regnano. I’m going to have to try some. It looked great.)

Ciao Lunigiana has a profile of Bertolucci: One man’s mission to save the traditional Marocca bread of Casola – Fabio Bertolucci

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