Just Cook That Burger to Death!

Ah, the American way is galloping to towards the boot. But heck, seems like the culinary nirvana we’ve pointed our trusty steeds toward is dissolving faster than the time it takes a twit of a politician send a pic of his pecs to someone purty on twitter. What I’m trying to say is that your time to enjoy the good, local cuisine of Piemonte, Tuscany or Puglia seems to be rapidly ticking away.

Today, according to ANSA, Italian Health Minister Ferruccio Fazio ate a hamburger in public to reassure consumers that the frozen crap burgers using beef from somewhere in the “EU” were perfectly safe to eat.

As long as you cooked them to death.

Ah, for the savings of a few cents over buying real meat with a known provenience from that nice young man or woman who runs that cute Italian butcher shop with the hams hanging from the rafters, you can now be assured that your frozen, shoe-leather-like LIDL burger will not kill you as long as you torch it properly. Good luck with that.

Please, on your next vacation in Tuscany, if you get a sudden burger craving, consider having yourself a Mac Dario and savor its juicy goodness. In Dario’s little corner of Panzano, there is honest pleasure everywhere. Do not make High Government Officials leave the cozy flanks of their underage mistresses to demonstrate that you you can eat anything as long as it’s got a high carbon content from the torching you’re required to give it.

Am I clear on this?

(Read more about this corporate crap food idiocy: E.coli breaks out in France, 5 children in hospital)

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