On the Fringes of Italy

When I hear of exotic locales that few people want to visit, my heart quickens. It’s not just the old age. It is a commonly agreed upon lie that there are places one just must visit. The antidote to such nonsense is to not speak about your trip to anyone who is prone to think judgmentally about destinations. This one’s bad, that one has good pork but angry people and waxy toilet paper, Florence—oh my God Florence!—is glorious, you must go! If you are smart you will turn away from all that drivel if you desire to truly discover the diversity of the world.

But then, what happens when a fringe destination, say the region of Calabria, becomes a hot travel destination? Do you champion it? What if the news comes from The International Business Times? Ah, we must invest in it! Well, check this out:

Steven Worboys, managing director of Experience International, said that the region has been attracting interest from investors around the world. “Calabria was Italy’s best kept secret for many years but now the region has been discovered and is charming not only British holiday makers and property buyers but also Germans, Russians, Polish and Scandinavian nationals seeking stunning scenery, a Mediterranean climate and affordable living within a few hours flight,” he said. — Calabria, Italy: Rising New Hotspot for Tourists & Investors

43.2 million people made the trip to Calabria last year! Up a staggering 2.2 percent.

You’d better join this flood of people before the restaurants start hiring chefs. One can only imagine what harm could be done to cucina povera when somebody with a culinary degree comes to mangle it.

But really, my travel tip of the day: go somewhere nobody in your neighborhood has ever been. Or heard of. Calabria is good. Maybe Trieste, championed by Jan Morris (a good look at the city: Exploring Trieste, a quietly captivating Italian city). Or Cuneo.

The Renaissance isn’t the only period of history the thinking traveler might drool over you know.

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