A Different Beauty

monte sant'angelo picture
Monte Sant'Angelo

This is a one of the riunione or quarters of Monte Sant Angelo on Puglia’s Gargano Peninsula. The whitewashed houses with their angular lines, all scrunched together, remind you a bit of Greece because, after all, this was the Magna Grecia or greater Greece. The houses were once whitewashed to protect the limestone from the elements and to keep the houses cooler in summer, but today are white by law in many cases in Puglia.

Tourists flock to Tuscany to see the little stone houses perched on hills; beautiful stone villages. To me, the villages of the Gargano are equally and differently beautiful. Moments after this picture was taken, a woman came out of the house to see if the laundry was dry. She was in black, dressed in the old manner women dress in the south of Italy and in Sardinia. She was also beautiful, in a different and more complex way then Berlusconi’s women are beautiful. The scents of simmering sauces and roasting meats before mealtime that waft over the narrow streets of this riunione further enhance its evocative beauty.

So, if I haven’t tilted your sensibilities too much, is this picture beautiful to you, or would you much rather see a perched village of stone houses? Discuss on the Wandering Italy Facebook Page.

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