Nicosia Monastery - Ruins Amidst the Olive Groves

nicosia monastery complexWe had a great time visiting the ruins of the monastery and church of Sant’Agostino di Nicosia just outside of Calci a while back. These evocative ruins are set amidst the famous olive groves of the Val Graziosa in the Pisa Province of Tuscany. While there is a very active volunteer group trying valiantly to maintain the complex called Nicosia Nostra (Our Nicosia), the buildings are destined to remain in ruins for quite some time. The group hopes to clean it up a bit and remove some of the graffiti, but it’s unlikely that anyone will come forth with the cash to fix it up.

And I’m ok with that. I like ruins. Tendrils crawl through open windows in the former monastery kitchen; there is a suspicious hole in the middle of the floor I veer away from as I move around taking pictures. On the wall is a single scrap of graffiti in bold red: “take my blood…”

I told you it was evocative.

There is a trailhead near the monastery which leads to the Fortress at Verruca, also in ruins, which is said to offer great views of the surrounding countryside. We have all the details, including where to stay, pictures and a map: Nicosia Monastery Guide

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