Sunshine, Clouds, a Castle, and Lunch in the Lunigiana

verrucola castle pictureWe had some sunshine this morning. It was warm. I went out without a coat. Nevertheless, sunshine has been the deviant spring weather of 2011. Needless to say, il sole didn’t last long.

But then again, some big, black clouds overhead can make Tuscany’s most evocative castle, The castle of Verrucola de’ Bosi, look even better, framed in uncertainty and darkness. Click the picture. It will get bigger. You will like it. Many of you will think of stealing it. Please don’t. It’s not yours.

In any case, we ate in a little restaurant under the Verrucola castle, wondering whether to include it in our tuscany for foodies app. The pasta, on the two occasions we’ve been there, has been just ok. The Pollo al Tegame, chicken baked in a pot with tomatoes, celery and carrots, was darn tasty. The house wine wasn’t bad. The bill? 10 Euros each, everything included, meaning the wine, mineral water, tips, taxes and coffee.

So here’s the thing. If you came all this way to see this sparkling example of a medieval hill town (it’s a very, very small hill; so small it starts under the road level, which makes for great pictures), you might well be hungry. So should I send you to a restaurant that’s far away from here, or would you like to know that if you come way out of your way to see this tiny town, with nothing really inside except eye candy, that there’s this restaurant called Al Castello you can eat at and it will fuel you for more sightseeing nicely and you won’t faint at the sight of the bill?

I think I’m going to include it. Al Castello is very popular with the workers, whose numbers are dwindling these days.

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