Tuscany for Foodies

(The app, Tuscany for Foodies, is no longer Available)

Ladies and Gents, I am proud to annouce version 1.0 of my mobile app, Tuscany for Foodies. There’s over 130 places to get good grub in bella Toscana. There are instructions on how to deal with an Italian waiter so you can get exactly what you want (even if you didn’t know you wanted it). There are over 150 purty pictures of where the food comes from. There’s even some video to click on. And it’s all available for a mere $2.99.

But wait! There’s more! The app will be continuously updated with new stuff. And, it’s a native iPad app, so when you buy that new iPad 2 you can see everything on the big screen. Of course, it’s also available for your iPhone as well.

So let’s say you’re driving around Tuscany, enjoying the views at every turn and then, suddenly, your stomach growls. It happens. Just turn on the app and find the fine, hand-selected restaurant, gelateria, or meat market closest to your car (automatically—as long as you have internet access).

There are even some foodie agriturismi listed, in case you need a place to bed down for the night and want to do it in a place that raises fine livestock inhumanely and has some good olive oil for your consumption.

And it’s all wrapped in the fine, if oddly rendered and occasionally convoluted prose of the author of this blog post.

Get it today. Even if you don’t have an iPad. You never know when you’ll win one, and Christmas is only 9 months away…

Tuscany for Foodies originally appeared on WanderingItaly.com , updated: Dec 09, 2020 © .

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