Food Video, A Celebration 

Today is the day I can say that version 1.0 of Tuscany for Foodies, the mobile app that will heat up your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or iTennisShoe, is done. Well, I mean I’ve stopped working on it long enough to have it submitted to the app store.

In any case, hold your applause. I am celebrating by simply vegging out, catching up on some old email and watching video. You might like the same ones I do, so I’ve picked a couple to show you. The first tells you in schematic fashion (without the Italian language intervening so that you are confused) how Grana Padana Cheese is made. It’s very well done, and conveys its message well. Oriana Papadopulos produced it.

Grana, of course, is the generic name for cheeses made in the same fashion. Parmigiano-Reggiano is made pretty much the same, but with a fancier pedigree. There are lots of granas, made all over northern Italy, and they’re all good—and by US standards, inexpensive.

I used another of Oriana’s vids for Tuscany for Foodies, the interesting lampredotto video.

The next movie I like a lot, because it brings to mind all those gushy-about-Italia but otherwise mindless folks they put in front of television cameras to extol the virtue of adding sundry odd ingredients to real Italian cooking “to add that personal touch.” That’s why nobody in the US without a passport has the foggiest idea of what constitutes Italian food or Tuscan cuisine. Too many touches. Watch and laugh if you wish, or do as I do and nod knowingly.

Of course, you might also like my Italy travel videos as well.

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