Italy's Top Cultural Sites at Your Fingertips

Got an iPhone or other i device like the iPad? Ever heard of the i-MiBAC Top 40? Catchy title, eh?

It’s an app. That’s a made-up word meant to be a cute shortening of the real word “application.” It was produced by the Ministero per i Beni e le Attivita Culturali.

i-MiBAC Top 40 might just be, we hope, the tip of the travel information iceberg. It gives you access to the top 40 cultural sites in Italy on your device. Everything, from a write-up (in Italian) to pictures, to opening and closing times, to the cost of a ticket. If you’re connected and have geolocation services turned on, it will show you a map that leads you to the cultural attraction of your choice. You can even reserve a ticket from your iPhone using the app.

The Ministero promises to update the app so that you can access the information in the English language. So, if you’ve got a device, get it now. It’s free. Imagine that. And updates will come to those who wait.

Why do I like this? Well, if you run a website like Wandering Italy, there is one thing that’s impossible to keep up with. That’s the cost of a ticket and to a slightly lesser extent the opening hours. They change. In the case of the ticket, the frequent cost updates can make a coder’s head spin. Nobody likes to get those emails that say, “You idiot, you ruined my family’s entire Roman Holiday by lying to us that a ticket was only 5 Euros. I paid 27, and now we have to beg on the streets for money so we can eat. My kid is in the hostpital, malnourished. Thanks a bunch.”

So, I’m telling you, this app will help.

Get it here: i-MiBAC Top 40 – MiBAC

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