Hot Jazz in Montecatini Terme

Montecatini Terme, friends told me, was “where it was at.” So I went. I walked all around, the lower town, then drove up to Montecatini Alto. Nice, but I wasn’t overtaken by the feeling of “arriving” if you get my drift.

Sure, Montecatini is teeming with those little shops people like where a handbag goes for 500 Euros. Big deal. If I came to Italy to offload money on useless bangles I’d be afraid would get stolen, then I’d be one joyous guy with a purse. But no.

You see, the trouble is, what’s really nice about Montecatini is what’s behind those spa doors.

For example, tonight you could go to Terme Excelsior and listen to a big band concert by a world renowned jazz band called the Montecatini City Band. You would have a great time if you liked big band jazz and you wouldn’t pay a cent—and you would get a chance to explore the inside of one of these wellness spas you might have heard about.

Do spas like the ones in Montecatini Terme do your health any good? Well, the effects of “taking the waters” are pretty well documented. The Tuscany health plan actually allows workers spa time on the government’s dime. You need healthy and refreshed workers, so why not?

Anyway, if you’re looking for a wellness vacation, or you want to spend some time in relatively inexpensive luxury, try Montecatini Terme, we have a Montecatini Map and Guide for you even.

Think of going—even if you’re rabidly against the notion of healthy and relaxed workers and single payer health plans and hate jazz. There is other music. And nobody says you have to live longer, like Italians I mean.

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