How to Carry an iPad

I’m beginning to believe that an iPad can be a marvelous travel device, one that a travel writer can use on every journey every day.

But where do you put the darned thing? When you’re Wandering Italy I mean.

Sure, you can wear a backpack and stash it in there. But backpacks, especially little ones like daypacks, get left places. They sometimes get slashed and contents pulled out without the owner even knowing about the violation. Plus, sometimes you’re bushed, and just want to flop down in a chair. You probably shouldn’t do that with an iPad behind your back.

In my searches I’ve not come across many solutions. There’s one. Scottevest.

Scottevest clothing is meant to be a place to stash your travel technology. The typical Scottevest garment has more pockets than a politician has lies. Many of the latest creations have pockets for an iPad. They don’t bulge when you load them up.

Good ideas. Better yet, you can stow stuff in the jackets and vests for the myriad layers of “security” they put you through without getting caught up in the idiotic, free-market busting baggage charge net the airlines trap you with.

I asked for the Revolution jacket for Christmas. Check out Scottevest.

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