Pompeii at Night - Le Lune di Pompei

pompeii at night tour
Pompeii at night tour--graffiti in Pompeii

If you visit Pompeii, you’ll get the idea of how big a city it was. It takes a while to take it all in. Eventually, you’ll get the feel of the place, where the main street was, where the government offices were, that sort of thing.

But the night tour was something else again. It’s called Le Lune di Pompei. We took it in Italian, so we probably didn’t get all of the nuances, but it was interesting to see things you don’t ordinarily get to see. (This tour is no longer offered, unfortunately.)

In the picture above, the ancient graffiti of Pompeii is being projected below the Italian translation—with narration provided by a guide dressed like a resident of Pompeii in its heyday, I’m presuming.

The interesting graffiti aside, it’s a bit of a hokey tour, with big white balloons representing the moon popping out all over while a silver tongued interpreter tells you what’s what. But Pompeii under moonlight is quite interesting, so, if you can afford the 20 euros, go. The tour is a little over an hour, and they do it in English but only occasionally, so make sure you reserve for an English tour if that’s what you want.

All in all though, I preferred the light as the sun set on a perfect (meaning clearing-storm perfect) evening for wandering the ruins.

In other words, like this:

Pompeii forum
Pompeii forum

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