Tasting Prato

My flight to Zurich, from which I’ll take my buy-back lease car to Italy, happens in a mere couple of weeks. I’m up for it.

So today I hear of Degustando Prato

Degustando Prato is a gastronomic festival dedicated to specialty gourmet products featuring restaurants and estates.
Throughout September experience exquisite typical menus in restaurants and fascinating wine tours in estates scattered in the province territory, with visits to cultivations and local wine tastings.

It’s not only about the tender local gastronomy though, there’s something I’ll miss because it comes on September 8th, less than a week from this post. It’s the display of the Sacred Girdle. I am not at all happy that I will be missing this event.

Any young man who came of age in the early 60s will remember the challenge of the girdle and the age of liberation which came later…and none to soon. But I digress (nevertheless, we heard those heraldic trumpets in our heads upon the sacred removal!…)

The display takes place late in the afternoon, around 6 p.m., when trumpeters, musicians and the historical parade march through the city centre. From the pulpit built in 1400 for the occasion by Donatello and Michelozzo, the bishop, accompanied by the mayor, show the Sacred Girdle to the crowd.

Prato is a nice city. You should go. And eat. And remember girdles. I know I will.

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