Biking the Via Francigena

I like following folks who’ve decided to make their pilgrimages public. Frank Burns (not the Frank Burns from MASH, presumably) will be starting his pilgrimage from Canterbury to Rome at the end of August. On a bike.

My Italian neighbor Enrico did the Camino de Santiago on a bike, and now wants to hike it.

In any case, by reading the early posts on his blog, I figure Frank seems thoughtful enough about the whole pilgrimage thing that his would be a good trip to follow, especially—for you Italophiles—after he crests the Grand St Bernard Pass and enters Italy. Perhaps we’ll get a chance to chat with him when he approaches the Sarzana-Luni segment of the trip.

Check out Frankburns’s Blog

Find out more about the Via Francigena and why you should consider stopping at a few of the towns along the route on your vacation.

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