The Last Good Egg

I have had my last good egg in Italy for this trip. Tomorrow we leave for Baden Baden, then home to California on the big bird.

The common chicken egg, it seems to me, is quite symbolic of my relationship with food on two continents. Here, each chicken egg I buy in the market is coded with not only the place where the egg was laid, but the way the chicken was raised that laid it. Folks slurp them down raw here without fear.

In the US we’re told that we need to cook the living daylights out of our eggs (and our chickens), because we don’t want a nanny state, which might come down hard on producers who produce poisonous food, thus lowering profits. That seems nuts to me, especially in a country where the owner of a peanut production facility riddled with rat feces complains that Salmonella testing was holding up his production, “costing us huge $$$$$ and causing obviously a huge lapse in time from the time we pick up peanuts until the time we can invoice.” ~ Stewart Parnell, happy damn Father’s Day – You should be in Jail

And you know the outcome don’t you? Yawn. 700 sick, 12 dead. Do you fear your peanuts? You might if they come from Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) of Blakely Georgia.

It’s not that I live in paradise when I live in Italy, it’s just that when I watch them make salami, I see the guys stuffing raw pork down their gullets. They’re still alive. I see them at festivals.

Compare and contrast the unflinching consumption of raw meat raised right by caring folks to ConAgra’s Marie Callender’s Cheesy Chicken & Rice Frozen Dinner Toll now 37. Well, dang, says a spokesperson, they didn’t cook it a gawdawful long time to kill all the pathogens in it! It’s their fault they’re sick!

Yup, who’d want to be protected from poison when you can get your fill of logic like that?

So that’s what takes the edge off of returning home to me. It should be a joyous rather than a scary thing. Thank God for farmer’s markets. Will free markets be ruined by the government’s insistence that responsible food labeling should be made illegal to protect the industrial crap food producers and their GM products?

I hope not.

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