Italian Cooking vs. Haughty Cuisine

It seems I’m constantly pointing out reasons I like Italian cuisine. I dunno, sometimes it’s the democracy of it all. When you have a great meal in Italy, you might be surrounded by workers in paint-spattered clothing sharing the ecstasy of properly prepared food. An Italian meal doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be good. Plus, it’s highly likely that no ziploc bags are involved.

I doubt you’ll find any $1000 Brownies in Italy. Or if you did, they’d be laced with something very illegal. Gadling reports on this quaint Atlantic City phenomenon:

“After each bite, the dessert captain squirts a mist of the vintage port on your tongue with a $750 atomizer, which incidentally is yours to keep.”

Only in America would the idea of having someone spraying something in your mouth with every bite be represented as luxury. The rest of the world would liken the practice to one it closely resembles: Dental Surgery. Yuck.

Who thinks of these things anyway? Who’d want to be “dessert captain” under these conditions? And even the dentist probably doesn’t pay $750 for the gizmo (s)he rinses your mouth with.

Even considering that $750 is worth about 15 Euros these days, I doubt if Italians would flock to “enjoy” these kinds of “luxuries.” Or at least I hope not. I’d be crushed.

Pretty soon we’ll have to sell our $750 atomizers on ebay to get dental work done on teeth ravaged by $1000 brownies. Don’t worry, it stimulates the, um, economy.

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