Montecatini Terme: Pretty in White

white gelato, gelato a limoneYesterday we had an interesting day exploring Montecatini Terme and its spas. It’s a whole new world for us Americans. This “taking of the waters” deal is something we see and wonder about in old black and white movies. Well, we saw lots of it yesterday and we’ll be talking about it more later.

But first, some experiments with the new Canon 7d. Not that the camera matters, these are some pretty static pictures. Anyway, got to thinking how white is always associated with wellness and started clicking away. They don’t paint hospital rooms black, you know? I took a picture of our final, palate-cleansing gelato al limone sitting on that white, sin-forgiving tablecloth and thought of it in the abstract. Frosty white. Seen through the fog of cool. Well, there it is over there on the right. Click it to make it explode onto your screen bigger than life.

hydrotherapy in Montecatini TermeThen we headed over to the newest spa: Terme Redi. It’s white on the outside, of course, and on the inside. The folks working there wear white. And then there’s the white “things” that they use in therapy, like the bathtub pedal bike over there on the left. They fill it with therapeutic spring water that bubbles up in springs on the property, which is like a park in the center of Montecatine Terme, and you can strap your feet into the toe clips and pedal merrily away in your watery tub, which can be made to bubble away like a hot tub on steroids. I never though to put a stationary, recumbent bike in my hot tub. I suspect it would take a lot of engineering adjustment, meaning lots of butter knives would be employed as wedges and screwdrivers to get the thing in there so it could rust away gently in the warm waters while I contemplated using it instead of just relaxing.

Anyway, there is more serious stuff about Montecatini Terme on our Montecatini Terme Map page. Yes, the waters are scientifically proven to benefit your bod; the Tuscan health system will even pay for a 12 day treatment period in the spas once a year for their covered citizens.

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