The EU, The US, and Labeling Genetically Modified "Foods" 

Coincidence? I’m just back from Madeira and I hear that Madeira has been “allowed” to ban Genetically Modified Foods from its island by the boys running the EU for the industrialists. Good for them. The folks of Madeira I mean.

But then there’s this disturbing LA Times article that outlines the idiotic US position on labeling GMO foods. We’re against it, apparently. The big boys that foist this crap on us don’t want us differentiating natural food from Frankenfood. That would be wrong, eh?

But even if the “food” is exactly the same, do we, as citizens, have the right to reject GMO food? Of course we do. Our “old” constitution offers us a government “of, by and for the people”. The new one offers it only to industries trying to pull lots of GM wool over our eyes.

As I tried to make clear in the comments, it doesn’t matter at all if GMO foods are more or less healthy than real foods (not in a sane world anyway):

If I want to buy a yellow car, but the manufacturer says, correctly, that yellow cars are no different in performance on the road than other cars so he’ll only sell me a red one, that’s nuts too, right? I have the right to differentiate between objects even if they are not substantially different in the way they’re expected to perform. It’s called democracy, and the industrial crap food producers will just have to accept that. Won’t they?

But the idiotic opinion of the jerks that call themselves the “free marketers” is disturbing. Dan writes:

Why do we need mandatory labelling (sic)? If consumers are so opposed to GM food then the market will provide non-GM products just as it does with organics and free-range. Why are the anti-GM groups so scared that the market won’t do this? Because they know they are a very small and very loud minority.

Ok, Danny boy, just how the hell are we to differentiate these free market products if we aren’t allowed to know how they’ve been produced because of laws making proper labeling illegal? How Dan? Do you see the problem here? We’re not asking much, we’re just free market individuals who’d like to have a smidgen of an idea of what we’re buying, goddam it! Isn’t knowing what you’re buying a symbol of a proper free market? Eh, Dan?

And that’s the essential problem of today. The free market has been blasted to smithereens by the notion that we consumers are dumber than sticks and so shouldn’t be told what we’re buying. We just have a responsibility to buy the crap set before us to bolster the economy the financial companies insist on destroying.

I’m outta here. Time to eat some fish. Ugly fish, ugly as the sin of playing with nature for no good reason and from deep in the ocean where the titans of an immoral and idiotic industry can’t get to them.

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