Wild Asparagus and Other Foraging

wild asparagusLots of folks have taken me for a walk in the woods searching for the wild and wily asparagus. I’ve never found any. Then I’m walking to the bar in Serriciolo, and wham, there are some asparagus-looking things right along the road. So, I took a picture. There. It looks too thick and dark green to be truly wild, but I’m gonna call it wild just to say I saw some. It’s just like the whales. I’ve spent lots of miserable, soaking wet hours searching out the beasts in California and even in the Azores, but have never seen one in the wild. So, it’s a whale of an asparagus, I’m thinking. Folks have written, of course, to tell me what I have found is a weed.

Perhaps I am not good at this foraging thing.

In any case, this week I’m off to Portugal searching out medicinal and foodie herbs in the Centro region in an area of old Schist Villages, which were abandoned in recent times and are in the process of being brought back to life. And I gotta tell you, the food of the region can easily match Tuscan cuisine and maybe surpass it on occasion. The pasta eaters better watch out.

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