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Wine Travel in the Colli di Luni

Cantine Lunae Museum
Cantine Lunae Museum Window

Italy’s wineries aren’t like those in the United States. Many wine estates are essentially working farms. Wine is normal for all, not just a means of placating the wealthy. Thus, many wineries are mere farmhouses.

So when you go looking for “wine tasting” you might be disappointed. Many estates require reservations or aren’t open to tasting at all.

One of the more interesting places for tasting and purchase is Cantine Lunae in the Val di Magra in Ortonovo on Via Bozzi, 63. It’s part of the Colli di Luni wine region, or Luni hills. So, it is convenient if you’re visiting the Lunigiana, but it’s actually in Liguria. They also host quite a few events, as the winery is perfectly suited to it.

Lunae was the Roman name of the settlement near the mouth of the Magra which became rich from the shipping of Marble from nearby the marble quarries near today’s Massa and Carrara.

Cantine Lunae Museum
Cantine Lunae Museum Table

Cantine Lunae has a small museum of old wine and winery memorabilia to visit (it’s free, don’t worry). Above is a tableau of an old dining table at the museum.

vino sfuso, lunae wineryThe winery has a modern website: Cantine Lunae

Cantine Lunae has a wide range of wines (and prices). As you see to the left, if you’re on a budget and happen to have have a big, clean bottle or two with you, you can buy Lunae’s vino sfuso by the liter for cheap.

Be sure to watch for “Cantine Aperte” to visit wineries hosting special events for wine tourists and locals. See: Cantine Aperte at Cantine Lunae to see last year’s happenings.


Cantine Lunae
Via Bozzi, 63
19034 Ortonovo
tel +39 0187 660187

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