Misty Umbrian Morning Panoramas

For those of you who prefer to travel in the sultry dog days of summer, there are times I feel sorry for you. You miss Otricoli arising from the fog:

orte, umbria, fog
Orte in Umbria, arising from the early morning mist.

Or the promise of a warm morning:

valley fog, art monastery, Calvi dell’Umbria
Valley fog, sunrise, Calvi dell’Umbria

The second picture was taken on our way to the Art Monastery in Calvi. Here’s a project I’m excited about. Artists take over an old monastery; turning part of it into a very inexpensive B&B and part into facilities in which they hold classes in art and create local performance art. Each shared room has a small kitchen, but there are also visiting chefs who can feed you. You can also learn skills relating to the land. These coming weeks are devoted to olive harvest weekends. Check them out. Fantastic group.

Misty Umbrian Morning Panoramas originally appeared on WanderingItaly.com , updated: Oct 29, 2019 © .

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