Fall in Italy - Fall Foliage and Trekking

fall folliage pictureWe’ve had a spate of bad weather lately here in the Lunigiana. It’s been freezing overnight and we’ve had a couple of loud, thunderous storms that have dumped a whole lotta rain on Tuscany. But so what? The results are beginning to show, the streams are flowing and the trees colorful. The scene you see to the right was recorded just outside the town of Monzone, where we’d just eaten a great meal at the Allbergo Ristorante da Remo (find it on our Lunigiana restaurant map.

Fall is the time for taking walks. In fact, the city of Sienna has been at the forefront of the Halloween Urban Trek, so around October 31 you’ll find interesting walks in many cities. There’s a very interesting one in Bologna, but since we’re leaving for Provence the next day, we wanted something close to home.

It was then I found out that the trek in Massa (PDF) concluded with them (fakely) lighting the castle on fire. Who could resist that. I don’t know how they accomplish their Fuochi d’artificio, but maybe we’ll find out.

Find out about other trekking opportunities on our Trekking page.

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