Parma Duomo Belltower Fire 

parma duomo beltowerWe’ve just been through a huge storm in Italy that rattled windows with bursts of thunder and left us with standing water everywhere. This morning we’ve heard of lightening striking the belltower of Parma’s Duomo or Cathedral Thursday morning, a belltower we took photos of just 12 days ago, shown here (click on the thumbnail to see a larger picture). The top of the Duomo belltower is on the left in the picture; the Baptistery is shown on the right.

The lightning bolt apparently hit and traveled down the metal cross held by a statue on top of the tower, the ‘Angiol d’Or’ (Golden Angel), the thunder from which was heard throughout this northern Italian city. ~ Bell tower fire reveals 1st roof

Under the dome’s copper panels more lightening resistant, older ceramic tiles were revealed after the fire was put out. The belltower will be restored to its 13th century state.

There’s nothing like a disaster to allow you to look a little further into the state of oft-restored structures.

The Duomo itself underwent recent restoration to its facade and to the artworks within. To find out more about Parma and the Duomo, see our Parma Map and Travel Guide

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