Armando and the Family Wine

Today I was invited over to Armando’s mother’s house to see them make wine. They make it in this dimly lit room, with a single bulb illuminating the corner.

making wine in the Lunigiana
Making wine in the Lunigiana

Once I got there and saw the room I ramped up the ASA to 1250 and shot away, thinking nothing much good would come out of this murky dimness, but the modern digital SLR (a Canon EOS 40d in this case) can do wonders at high ASA.

So this became my favorite portrait of my neighbor Armando (on the right). The boys are racking the wine from the big barrel into 55 liter capacity demijohns, or what they call demigianni. The backlighting is from the bare bulb that happens to be behind them. Click the thumbnail to see the pic bigger.

I came away from the shoot with a bottle of the newborn wine. She’s a little rough, but a beauty nonetheless. Oh, and just to satisfy the new FTC blogger-swag guidelines, I didn’t pay for the wine or the round of cheese they gave me. I didn’t promise them a good review, either. (But, you know, free wine is good wine, eh?)

Am I off the hook yet?

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