Blogging from Europe Soon! 

Ok, all the prep work is done. I’ve called the credit card companies and told them not to be surprised to see charges from Europe, I’ve got packed bags, including the nifty Tom Bihn Tri-Star stuffed with all the tech stuff as well as some clothing and books (See my hi-def video about the bag if you’ve got the bandwidth for it).

We’ll be staying over the Christmas holidays. Gotta see what all these Christmas Markets are that people yammer on and on about. I’m not a shopper, so I dunno, I expect to be under-impressed. You see, I buy everything over the internet, even my shoes (actually, Martha does that; I hate buying shoes), so I don’t have to deal with salespeople trying to sell me things I don’t want. I guess that makes me an antisocial shopper—or at least someone who doesn’t like to go into tiny rooms to take off my clothing and put on the store’s too-expensive clothing.

Anyway, we’ll be landing in Frankfurt, then making our way down to Tuscany slowly after enjoying a few nights in the Lake Constance area. By next week we’ll be twittering from Tuscany, la Lunigiana to be exact, the underpopulated and undertouristed mountainous northern part of Tuscany.

Finally, I’m stoked.

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