Go Slow Italy - Let's Walk!

Slow is the new fast. It’s all the rage. Slow food. Slow travel. Slow children.

Now there’s the GO slow movement, Il Movimento Lento.

Step after step in order to gain time. A sequence of slow movements that acquire a different meaning in accordance to the setting that welcomes and guides them, drawing an ideal path on a non existing map, countersigned by laps which take shape and sense in a territory that is not merely beneath ones feet and in ones eyes but transcends the confines of geography stretching its roots into the heart and mind.

Ok, so we’re talking walking, hiking, trekking. I just happen to have lots of notes on some interesting things having to do with going a piedi, on foot.

There is to be a Tuscany Walking Festival soon, meaning October 2nd to October 25th. That’s the hype above, sinking its roots into your heart and mind.

You can walk 6 parks along the coast. My fave is Massaciuccoli. Try sayin’ it real fast. Or not. Find out more: Tuscany Walking Festival

If you know enough Italian to get yourself in trouble, walkers can also consult the excellent web site itinerAria which extends the GO slow movement to the Via Francigena and beyond.

Finally, Riccardo Sedola wrote me earlier and I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to introduce him. Riccardo is “a mountain guide and naturalistic interpreter based in north appennine”, the mountains that surround me in the Lunigiana and carry on to become the backbone of Italy. He runs the site Greenthink, which comes in an English language flavor. So, if you like to go slow and actually see things, you might want to get in contact with Riccardo and taylor a personal outing with your family that they’ll never forget. It’s darn beautiful in the Apennines, I can tell you that.

Hey, maybe we should have a 2009 Wandering Italy Fall Trek! Write if you’re remotely interested. Riccardo says he emphasizes “nice walks, beautiful scenario, and slow food.” I’m all for that.

(This outpouring of go slow came about because I’ve finally finished and uploaded my three minute introduction to the Italian Train System, so I now have time to sit back and think of things quite a bit slower than the Eurostar Italia—like those slow-cooked country ribs about to go on the grill. Before I get all drooly on my keyboard, lemme give you the link to my latest high-definition opus: The Wandering Italy Riding Italian Trains Video. How did you ever get along without it?)

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