Church Bells Rile Tourist in Liguria

Since I only spend a maximum of half a year in Italy, I suppose you could call me a quasi tourist. In any case, I stand with many other tourists on the issue of clanging in the night church bells. I complained about them in the wonderful little medieval town of Brisighella, some of you may recall.

So today there are reports that a town in Liguria has had quite a row over the bells. A single tourist staying in the little hilltop village of Mezzema had convinced the local priest to cease ringing the bells until “at least 8 am”.

Well, the residents were quite aghast, being accustomed to waking with the 7 am bells as they were.

So they protested to the priest. They boycotted mass. Nothing worked. Finally, they stood outside and banged on kitchenware until the priest relented.

And now there are bells. All night.

So, remember when you yammer rabidly, as I did, on the subject of those infernal church bells, that there is another side to the coin. Bells become part of your life in rural Italy.

Still, I’m glad my little village in the Apennines turns off the bells from 10 to 6. And quite frankly, I enjoy waking to the 6 am bell.

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