It's Clean out the Fridge Time

Tomorrow we leave our humble abode for Bassano del Grappa, then on to Austria for a few (evidently rainy) days, and finally to Frankfurt, where the big steel tube will carry us to the US. That means it’s the last supper in the Luniagiana. For a while.

I’ve already had the appetizer. Yes, I sliced a few thin strips of Armando’s Lardo and laid it reverently on some very dry toast. I nibbled and washed it down with an artisanal beer made near here, in the Garfagnana, out of farro: La Petrognola. It’s like a sweet stout. Good for cooking; we found it in a stewed chicken we had in Lucca, and just had to ask. A few years ago farro was just about gone from menus, but today is starting to appear in everything.

Martha is removing all the cheeses we have yet to eat from the fridge. They are numerous and, in some cases, colorful—or at least more colorful than they were when we bought them. We will dig through them. There will be prized bits to eat. There is also some salami for the red meat eaters present (which would be me).

We’ve had our “real” meal at Feudo dei Malaspina in Pallerone. Pasta with porcini, then stuffed vegetables and spinaci al burro for me, spaghetti with lemon and ricotta for Martha, with a second of grilled chicken and the spinach. So, we don’t have to eat much.

It is a sad dinner. But I like it when we clean out the fridge and make a meal out of the better bits. It’s a challenge and a closure.

If you are not tired of hearing about lardo, here’s something I found that I like: You’ll gain weight just looking at this post. Lardo

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