Shooting the Piemonte Rapids in a Cardboard Boat 

I think it’s pretty safe to say that wine is more popular in Piemonte than river rapids. Even as someone who spends considerable time in Tuscany, I tip my hat to Piemonte wine. It’s the best.

But Piemonte does have rushing water. And what do you do with rushing water—especially if you’re Italian and weaned on Ferrari juice? You travel down it at breakneck speeds. If you’re a real man, you go down it in a cardboard box.

It was via a tweet from @campariman that I first heard of Carton Rapid Race. Only the title is in English, but here’s the gist. You get a couple hours to build a “boat” outta cardboard, then you race it down the rapids in a time trial.

You better be thinking of your boat design. The race is the 4th and 5th of July.

Here’s a video of the thing. Just in case you think everyone in Piemonte just swirls and sniffs.

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