New E-Book for First Time Travellers to Italy

Italy From the Inside has a new Survival guide for first time travelers to Italy. You can read a sample chapter of Italy from the Inside free in PDF format. From what I’ve read, good, solid advice for things like figuring out the Italian train system, and finding out where they put the danged validating machines you’re running around trying to find before the train pulls out of the station with half your luggage in it.

If you like your books to have real pages, you might want to check Italy: Instructions for Use

Here’s what Martha of Martha’s Italy had to say about Italy: Instructions for use:

I’ve been traveling in Italy for over 20 years and seldom do I find a book as useful and eye-opening as “Italy: Instructions for Use”. Although it’s billed as a book for inexperienced travlers, I found nuggets of information that even I didn’t know. Do you know what it will cost to ship your clothes or something you buy back home from Italy? “Italy: Instructions for Use” will tell you and help you figure out the best way to do it.

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